Monday, January 23, 2012

My first blog

Ah, my first blog!, two, three. How original. Much like my cooking so far, very inside the box. In fact, much of my cooking came from inside a box until the last five or so years when I have finally started to venture out. A combination of many influences and a love of good food have pushed my creative side to throw my towel into the cooking arena. And now, a chance to blog alongside other food bloggers, learn from them, be part of a community, become more adventurous in my cooking endevors, and learn new techniques, has presented itself through following a friend's blog that was involved with TWD. It helps that I have the cookbook on order and haven't seen a single recipe and the amount of time they will take to achieve. Until that book comes, and my mini meltdown most likely with it, I will focus my inner ninja on the task at hand- getting excited about good food and BAKING WITH JULIA!

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