Friday, February 8, 2013

For Sale 2006 Honda CRF250R - $2800

For Sale 2006 Honda CRF250R - $2800

The bike is clean with low hours. The bike has never been raced, only ridden in the desert. The bike has a 3.7 gallon desert fuel tank installed, and a top end sprocket set for higher speed. The bike is well maintained and very fast.
Additional upgrades to the bike:
· Full Yoshimura Exhaust – Twin Cams with Carbon Fiber Tips
·        Boyseen Quick Shot Accelerator Pump
· Twin Airflow Airfilter
· Jet Kit
· ASV Breakaway Levers
· Trail Tech Endurance Computer
· Works Skid Plate
· One Industries Snow Camo Plastics
Also Included:
· Stock OEM 2-gallon Fuel Tank
· Brand New Stock OEM Plastics
· Stock OEM Sprockets for low end/racing
· Tri-Moto Stand
· Moto-Tek 3 in 1 Stand (center stand, front wheel stand, and wheel chock)
· Extra sealing washers, airfilter oil, and some chain oil
Included riding gear (if the gear fits):
· Gaerne size 11 riding boots
· EVS Ballistic Jersey w/ kidney belt size Large
· Suomy Helmet w/ Goggles
· X-Lite Jersey
· OGIO Gear Bag w/ separate Boot Compartment

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Wow, two revelations. The first, bagels are not all that hard to make. The second. They are WAY better when you make them yourself, and they are fresh from the oven! The host and recipe keeper for today's bagel recipe can be found on Heather's Bytes, or of course in the Baking With Julia Cookbook.

The forming of the bagels was almost theraputic. As usual I cut the amount of time necessary down, only chilling the dough for 2 hours instead of 4, but I can't see how it affected the outcome. These were some of the best bagels I've eaten. As one commenter said on my last post- there really is nothing like fresh bread from the oven!

Then came the boiling of the dough for a few minutes in water with....sugar? and baking soda. I cut the amount of boiling time in half also, as suggested by some others.

They came out all cute and fluffy.

Now for the toppings. I love my everything bagels. But I didn't have the necessary ingredients handy. And it was the hubby's lunch today too, so I made what he would like- green chile and cheddar. I sprinkled the dough with some garlic and onion powders, and sea salt first, then piled on the green chiles and cheddar.

We each got one smothered with butter, and the second was made into a ham sandwich. The bagels were moist, warm, and didn't have the outer hard crust I tend not to like. I know, bagels were meant to be tough and chewy. But mine weren't, and they were just right! Glad I was forced to make these today to stay in the hosting game (not that I've felt confident enough to throw my hat in the ring just yet), otherwise I might have missed out on the bagel goodness that was our lunch.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whole Wheat Loaves~ BWJ

Mmmm, good stuff, and I don't even like wheat bread. I could really taste the honey. I smothered a couple pieces with butter, and then I made grilled ham and cheddar sandwiches for lunch. I cut into it far too early, but it didn't seem to matter. The bread held up to the cutting, while still being fairly light to eat. Hostess Michelle's post and recipe can be found here, and Hostess Teresa's post can be found here

Much more of a process than baking the wheat loaves is that I'm trying to learn to post my blog completely from my phone. The picture aspect has been the hardest to work out. I think I'm almost there, but I'm going to go ahead and post without pictures to make the deadline, and add them once I get google+ all figured out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Popovers~ BWJ

Today's recipe was a welcome distraction to my heartache as of late. My youngest has gone off to full time school and left me all alone for 7 hours a day. I know, everybody says I should be happy to have some time to myself. Apparently no one told my heart that. Yesterday I unconstructively spent my Monday morning watching a movie called My Life Without Me about a mother who learns she is dying of cancer in 2 months and decides not to tell anyone but enjoy every last minute she has. Too bad there wasn't any Ben and Jerry's in the house. So having the recipe and a craft project to focus on today was a good thing. 

The host of these cute little popover treats as well as the recipes can be found on Paula's blog and Amy's blog. They can also be found in the cookbook Baking With Julia.

Hmm, little bread muffins. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around eating bread muffins, although the dripping with butter and honey description in the book sounded good. But that would mean they would be a side for lunch. So instead I decided to alter the recipe a bit and make a lunch out of them. 

I happened to have a popover muffin tin and baking cups I picked up from my last IKEA trip. I made 6 with half a slice of prosciutto and gruyere cheese in the middle, and the other 6 with 3 slices of turkey pepperoni and mozzerella cheese. For those I put some pizza sauce in a dipping cup.

 I only baked them for 25 minutes at 425, not any additional time at 350 as suggested, and they came out perfectly cooked. I'm sure that's because the middles were stuffed full of goodness instead of dough. For me the pizza stuffed popovers edged out the prosciutto stuffed ones, since I found them a bit salty. Perhaps if I tried that combo in the future, I'd cut down on the salt the recipe called for.

And they were filling too. My husband and I each had 6 to begin with, and I pawned off my last two to him because I couldn't eat anymore. He complained he was full at 6, but ate the last two anyway. I'll probably try these plain with jam for breakfast sometime, but I would like to experiment more with different fillings. Brie and mushrooms is next I think.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blueberry Nectarine (but really plum) Pie ~ BWJ

My pie is in the oven as I write this, and I can't wait to try it. I've got a feeling that my "must have as your go to crust" did not turn out, but the fruit filling and cherry vanilla ice cream will cover that up anyway.

I'll admit I almost didn't make the crust. I happened to have bought a pie crust for a chicken pot pie dinner one night this week, and thought to myself how easy it would be to just use that. Then I read that this crust, above all others, should be in our baking repertoire. Something about the perfect balance between butter and shortneing. I think maybe I added too much shortening, because even after a 9 hour chill, it never really hardened up and stayed moist. And when I tried some of the raw dough, I found it a little bitter. Butter never has that effect on me. Shortening does. Above is my first attempt at rolling out the dough. Not too terrible, but getting it off the countertop and into a pan, not good.

No way was my dough hearty enough to hang over a bowl as suggested! I had to fix the cracks, easy enough when you have dough as flexible as this. I just patted it into my pie pan. Then I gave it a 10 minute bake because I didn't trust it holding up to the fruit and juices.

Instead of rolling out my top crust, I patted it out with my hands. I'm thinking that it's not a good sign I could even do that. But it did stay together a little better when I put it on top.

Not having prepared for this bake session, I lucked out in having bought blueberries on my last shopping trip. I did not, however, purchase nectarines. But I did have a truckload of plums since my oldest child has been eating several in a sitting lately. Sounded like a good combo to me.

So my only changes were somehow screwing up the crust, using plums instead of nectarines, and prebaking the bottom crust for 10 minutes. Otherwise it's the same Baking With Julia recipe you can find either in the book itself, or at these host sites: Liz of that Skinny Chick Can Bake! and Hilary of Manchego's Kitchen.

Oh @#*! The timer just went off and I forgot the important step of putting a cookie sheet underneath. Grrr. Guess the oven has been past due for a cleaning anyway. I'll be back to post pictures of the finished product and my verdict after it cools off.

Verdict- blueberries and plums, great together in a pie. The crust, good on impact with all the flavors mingling, but after each bite there was an oily coating from the shortening in my mouth. So far my least favorite crust we've made. Maybe I overworked it? Maybe I put too much shortening in? After that last bit of water that made it seem too moist, should I have added flour? It certainly wasn't a complete failure. My husband went in for a second piece right away (after he made me cut into it 15 minutes too early because he couldn't wait). But knowing how great our other crusts have been, I doubt I'll be revisiting this one. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Semolina Bread~ BWJ

No recipe changes this time! Well, as long as you don't count going crazy with the razor. Again with unclear directions, I just took it to my level of enjoyment. You can find the recipes from the Baking With Julia book here ~ Anna takes some beautiful pictures, and here from Renee, whose added Rosemary looks devine.

I'm proud of myself for squeezing in fresh baked bread on top of the insane running around that come with being a stay at home mom of two kids involved in several summer activities. I had to skip the last post because I was out of town with a friend, and feeling very removed from the group, I was making this bread today no matter what. I just enjoyed a warm piece slathered with butter, accompanied by a glass of red wine for dessert. It was good. Not great like our first White Loaves post, but good will do. Especially since my bread maker is on the fritz and I haven't made bread in a long time. This blows the Wonder Bread I've been buying out of the water.

I was expecting something a little more.....wheat-y? I'm glad I didn't run out and buy semolina. It's too "white" for my husband's taste, and not white enough for mine, to call it amazing anyway. But, I do think it will grow on me. My friend-baker-blogger gave up 3/4 cup of semolina flour so I could complete the recipe today. (Thank you Bridget!) She turned me on to the world of baking together and blogging about it, and for that I am grateful. But I'm more grateful that I get to call her a friend. Who else would make sushi with me and party plan for weeks on end? Or have semolina flour and an owl cookie cutter on hand and get them to me in less than a days time? All unique qualities that I admire. Yes B- I did just finish that glass of wine, so this is your nice drinking text.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

French Strawberry Cake ~ BWJ

Woo Hoo, I got to decorate a cake this time around! I knew I bought that 55 piece cake decorating kit for something. And we found it delicious as well. My Mother-In-Law, who doesn't care for strawberries, even went in for a second piece. The original recipes from the Baking With Julia cookbook can be found by Sophia, a 15 year old baker in our group here, and by Allison here.

There were changes of course. First, I didn't read the directions clearly. I'd like to blame the directions themselves for not being clearly written, but had I read them over a few times I would have known the butter was to be saved for last instead of heading into the mixing bowl right away with the eggs and sugar. Jumping head first into these complicated recipes tends to get me in trouble. Luckily it usually works out in the end. While they were quite thin, they were still tasty.

Then there were my planned changes. I decided to make 2 separate cakes instead of one cut into three layers. That is the cut corners and make life easier girl in me coming out. And I changed the frosting to my favorite Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting. I didn't feel 2 tablespoons of sugar was much sweetness in a frosting.

Finally, I decorated it the way I wanted to. I had extra strawberry compote since I only had one layer to fill instead of two, so I used it on the top of the cake as well. Hopefully we'll have more cake decorating projects in the near future. It was my favorite part of this endevor. Well, maybe a close second, only to eating it!