Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whole Wheat Loaves~ BWJ

Mmmm, good stuff, and I don't even like wheat bread. I could really taste the honey. I smothered a couple pieces with butter, and then I made grilled ham and cheddar sandwiches for lunch. I cut into it far too early, but it didn't seem to matter. The bread held up to the cutting, while still being fairly light to eat. Hostess Michelle's post and recipe can be found here, and Hostess Teresa's post can be found here

Much more of a process than baking the wheat loaves is that I'm trying to learn to post my blog completely from my phone. The picture aspect has been the hardest to work out. I think I'm almost there, but I'm going to go ahead and post without pictures to make the deadline, and add them once I get google+ all figured out.