Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lemon Loaf Cake~ BWJ

Well, I made the loaf cake on posting Tuesday at 6:30am. I planned to post after my crazy day in the evening, but even with mental reminders as I sat at the computer working on some photoshop pictures for my son's upcoming birthday, it managed to slip my mind. Hopefully it's still Tuesday somewhere.

The link for this easy recipe can be found here and here. While I'd argue the 5 minute assembly the book Baking With Julia claims it takes to prepare, 20 minutes isn't too much for a fresh, springy feeling dessert such as this. I liked the texture of the Lemon Loaf, not quite as thick and buttery as pound cake, but sometimes less dense is a good thing.

The only changes I made were to make my loaf into mini loaves, which baked for 25 minutes. It makes it easier to give the calories away! And like many others I felt it needed a little something on the top to finish it off and make it more dessert like. A friend had just posted her lemon pound cake recipe, which had a topping of fresh squeezed lemon juice and powdered sugar. I dipped the tops of the mini loaves into the juice/sugar mixture, and it gave it just the right sweet yet tart flavor, while helping them retain moisture.

I had a loaf for breakfast and planned to get a shot of the cake cut in nice slices and reveal the texture of the loaf. Apparently it was too good to stop eating and remember to do that. In the future I can see a berry compote and fresh whipped cream on top of a slice for company dessert. A keeper recipe for this family.


  1. I love that your little guy helped! I have a 2.5 year old and this was definitely a recipe he and I could do together.

  2. Love the little loaves. They are very cute (as is your little helper.) I agree, this recipe is definetly a keeper.

  3. What a handsome young helper :-) I always liked recipes that I could do with my kids when they were small - now that my girls are almost adults, they can run with recipes pretty much on their own and don't need as much "mom" help...

    Very nice!

  4. Nice minis! They turned out great, and you got a lot of them!