Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Semolina Bread~ BWJ

No recipe changes this time! Well, as long as you don't count going crazy with the razor. Again with unclear directions, I just took it to my level of enjoyment. You can find the recipes from the Baking With Julia book here ~ Anna takes some beautiful pictures, and here from Renee, whose added Rosemary looks devine.

I'm proud of myself for squeezing in fresh baked bread on top of the insane running around that come with being a stay at home mom of two kids involved in several summer activities. I had to skip the last post because I was out of town with a friend, and feeling very removed from the group, I was making this bread today no matter what. I just enjoyed a warm piece slathered with butter, accompanied by a glass of red wine for dessert. It was good. Not great like our first White Loaves post, but good will do. Especially since my bread maker is on the fritz and I haven't made bread in a long time. This blows the Wonder Bread I've been buying out of the water.

I was expecting something a little more.....wheat-y? I'm glad I didn't run out and buy semolina. It's too "white" for my husband's taste, and not white enough for mine, to call it amazing anyway. But, I do think it will grow on me. My friend-baker-blogger gave up 3/4 cup of semolina flour so I could complete the recipe today. (Thank you Bridget!) She turned me on to the world of baking together and blogging about it, and for that I am grateful. But I'm more grateful that I get to call her a friend. Who else would make sushi with me and party plan for weeks on end? Or have semolina flour and an owl cookie cutter on hand and get them to me in less than a days time? All unique qualities that I admire. Yes B- I did just finish that glass of wine, so this is your nice drinking text.


  1. Looks great! Did you cook yours in a loaf pan? I thought as mine flattened out that it would have done better baked in a pan - get larger slices from it.

    1. I did use a pan, and just realized from your post I wasn't supposed to! But I haven't broken down and bought parchment paper yet, so I guess I had to. I love the way the bread slides right out of the aluminum pan and leaves very little clean up.

  2. I used a little wheat flour and I really liked this. Looks yum!

  3. Ah, it is a good friend that will part with her flour :-)
    Looks good.

  4. Yours seems that it has a very good texture. Mine was similar to ciabatta. :)))

  5. Ha, that is awesome! I have to admit that I thought it was kind of random that I had both the particular flour you were looking for and the particular cookie cutter, neither of which are all that common. It's because I'm so badass, obviously.

    The bread I made for our party last December had semolina flour in it, actually. Someday I'll have to do a side-by-side comparison of a bread made with some semolina and a bread made with only regular flour, because I'm not sure I've really noticed a difference.