Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chocolate Truffle Tartlets- BWJ

Again I waited until the day of the post to make my tarts. I had planned to make them and pawn them off as Valentine's Day treats but time did not allow for that. That's alright, today is Fat Tuesday, so I get to indulge a little. And it wasn't too hard to pawn my still warm tarts off to a few people.

Surprisingly, I decided not to read posts about BWJ bloggers' undertakings and just went straight from the recipe. As "easy" as these were to make, it turned out to be a decision that wouldn't haunt me. I'm looking forward to reading how everyone else did later tonight. And when I say easy, I mean it's pretty hard to mess these up, as forgiving as the dough is. Not to be confused with the amount of time that goes into making these little darlings! Definitely a special occasion treat. And just as well, because they are chocolately goodness that is hard to stop eating!

I decided to go with the 4.5 inch tart pans. I also decided to skip the biscotti in the recipe. Otherwise everything was exact to the recipe that you can find here. Oh... well, except for a little reading mistake I made, in which I only reduced the oven to 325 degrees instead of 300 for the filling bake, but since my tarts were not done until the 12 minute mark, I'm thinking it wasn't too big a mistake. They tasted good. And in my head, the more cooked raw egg gets, the better.

This dough was so moist and amazingly forgiving. I did not use any additional flour to roll them out. And, woo hoo, my first homemade dough completed! I know, sadly I have used Pillsbury refrigerated dough all these years thinking it was just as good. Silly me. Plus, Pillsbury does not come in chocolate!

Then came time for the filling. Could you go wrong with 3 different kinds of chocolate? This was the slightly painful and time consuming part- breaking the chocolate up. I will try out the food processor next time for that task.

Also needed in my kitchen is a scale. I'm sure I will run into more recipes that require 'so many ounces' of things. This time I eyeballed my milk chocolate shavings, which were in a big block of German chocolate I picked up from Cost Plus, based on the 2 ounces of pre measured blocks of white chocolate shavings. In a filling this full of chocolate, I'm sure being off by a little wasn't going to hurt me. Still, I have a suspicion I will be needing that scale in the future!

Now to figure out what to make with 8 egg whites.


  1. I also discovered that a scale is a must. It will be my next purchase. You can freeze the egg whites in a plastic bag until you're ready to use them. You're tarts look great and frankly, leaving the biscotti out is no big deal as they don't hold up well in all that chocolate.

    1. Thank you for the freezing tip! I knew joining this group was a good idea. Your tart looks beautiful, I like the larger chunks of chocolate you left in with the large tart.

  2. Congratulations on your first crust! Your tarts are lovely.

  3. Scales prove very useful indeed in the kitchen! I wish more cookbook publishers would use weights in their books.
    It looks like it all worked out very well for you.